{Levi - 8 Months}


Levi Daniel, you are eight months old!

You had a full month! You are sitting up on your own now which has been great! You can scoot around a bit on your bottom and turn yourself to get to different things. When you are done sitting, you still sort of plop over to get to your tummy. It is pretty hilarious to watch! You are pretty content to watch all the action. You also cut your second tooth this last month. It has been so cute for you two have two little teeth on bottom that are different sizes.

Levi you have been exploring more food and flavors recently. We have been trying out different pouches and you seem to enjoy that thin consistency. You've also been trying out  teething cookies. You tried a piece of salmon burger one evening, and did not like that texture, though you did better with a bite of pancakes.

You are a very vocal little guy! You will babble with us which is of course sweet. Though, sometimes your big brother gets frustrated and says "Mama, I don't want Levi to say 'Blah Blah Blah'." You also let us know right away if you are unhappy. Typically you get mad if you cant see Mama and Elijah or when Papa comes home and does not pick you up right away. You love your family!

Levi, a big development for you is your sleep! You continue to have your set nap times around 10am and 2pm. However, papa was tasked with the job of sleep training you while he was off for the Holidays. It turns out, you were not getting enough food during the day, which is why you were waking up at night. We added in 2x bottles to your daily routine and that had you sleeping through the night right away. Mama was of course thrilled! It was sad to stop breastfeeding you, but between you biting a couple of times and the knowledge that you were not getting enough food - it just felt like it needed to happen. Mama has been grateful that we made it until 7 months! 

You had a busy 8th month! You had play dates with friends, celebrated your first Christmas, experienced your first New Year's with the Kaetzel's. You also came down with a chest cold and a double ear infection over New Years weekend. It was pretty tough to see you so miserable. After a couple days of antibiotics you were back to your happy self!

During your 9th month of life we think you are looking forward to spending time with friends and family!

Here are few photos from your eight month of life:


 Christmas Eve Service

 Christmas Jammies!

 Checking out those gifts!
Favorite gift was your teething Banana & Broccoli

Snuggling with Jack!



It has been a while since I have sat down to write. I have been out of the habit of writing because honestly, I have been out of the habit of reflecting. I have used the busyness of life as my excuse. When really, I have been ignoring and avoiding. 

{Levi - 7 Months}


Levi Daniel, you are seven months old!

This past month has been a whirlwind of activity and growth for you! While on vacation you cut your first tooth. You surprised mama by giving a good chomp on her finger when we were flying home. You have  become incredibly mobile by rolling all over the place. You can turn your body in 360 degree circles to find what you want. At home, on the hardwoods you push yourself up and back to scoot backwards. You often are not sure how you get yourself into certain predicaments, like getting stuck under a chair. You are practicing sitting up, and do well with a pillow behind you because you also will just lean straight back when you are done sitting. You do enjoy sitting up if you have someone sitting and playing with you. You are babbling more and more each day and say "da da da da" quite a bit. And your hair is starting to grow in! You are a special little guy!

While we were on vacation you had your first bites of solid foods. We thought it would be a fun experience for PopPop and Grandma to be a part of. You tried sweet potato and you were not impressed! Since that first experience you have also had bananas, applesauce, carrots and parsnips. So far, you have tolerated carrots the most.

Sleep wise, you rarely sleep through the night. Most nights you wake once, so it is not the worst. You have officially dropped your last nap of the day, which is great, because you were fighting it hard. Typically you nap at around 10am and 2pm and then you are ready for bed at 7pm. While you do not sleep through the night, you are very good and going down to sleep which is a blessing.

Levi, you had a very busy and eventful first month. You experienced your first two plane rides and visited with PopPop and Grandma in Florida. You did great on the plane rides and adjusted very quickly to Florida time. You definitely enjoyed all the special time with Papa around. You experienced Disney World for the first time. You only did one ride - It's a Small World After All, but you enjoyed looking around. You did meet Mickey with your brother. You were very interested in his nose, until Mickey accidentally bonked you with it and then you started crying.

Once home, we started getting into the Christmas spirit. You even met Santa, who did not make you cry!

During your 8th month of life, we think you are looking forward to play dates with friends, celebrating your first Christmas, and your first New Years trip with the Kaetzels'!

Here are a few photos and videos of your 7th month of life:

 Meeting your PopPop and Grandma

 Trying Sweet Potato
Exploring Disney World

 Saying goodbye to Grandma
 Borrowing your brother's seat on the plane

 Dressed up for Christmas Photos

 First tooth!

{Levi - 6 Months}


Levi Daniel, you are six months old!

You are growing in leaps and bounds! At your 6 month appointment you weighed 19lbs, 4.5oz (79th percentile) and you were 26.75 inches long (52nd percentile). You have grown so much, that you are now wearing 12 month clothes. 

Levi, you roll around the floor if you want to get to a toy and you have enjoyed sitting up more in a bouncer seat or your high chair. You also like sitting if it is in someone's lap. You're definitely not sitting on your own yet. You've also started drooling more lately and we are wondering if you have started working on your first tooth. You remain a happy guy, but definitely have started to fuss a bit more, which makes us wonder about teeth.

You seem to be slowly making some progress with your night time sleep! Just two days before turning six months you finally slept through the night for the first time. You have started to do some longer night time stretches (7-9) hours, but you do not do it consistently.  On a good night, you are still only waking up one time and going right back to sleep. A tough night for mama means that you've been up twice in an evening. Mama and Papa do appreciate your ability to put yourself back to sleep, so even if you fully wake up at night, you babble a bit in your crib and then put yourself back to sleep. You are still doing 3 naps a day, but that last one is usually a short one just to tide you over to bedtime.

You have been enjoying more time at home with mama now that we are not making the commute to Auburn. We are also finding our new normal routine as your big brother Elijah has started a local preschool. Usually you are ready for your first nap right after we drop your brother off - or you try and squeeze one in before we leave.

Levi in your 6th month you explored your first pumpkin patch and celebrated your first Halloween as as a Tiger! Your brother loved having you as a baby Tiger. You also brought lots of cheer to your Grandpa Jerry who was in the hospital.

While your 6th month of life was all about slowing down, we think your 7th month of life is going to be a busy one and we hope you're excited! You are going to fly on your first airplane to see Pop Pop and Grandma, go to Disney World to meet Mickey, celebrate your first Thanksgiving, visit Santa and start trying solid food.

Here are a few photos from your 6th month of life!

 At the pumpkin patch!

 Tiger Family!

 Bundled up for a Fall walk

 Play date with Lulu