{Just a few}


I thought it would be fun to share on the blog some things that I have been loving lately. These are just a few of the things that I get excited about and want to share with others. Sometimes small and silly, sometimes big and crazy. I hope you enjoy.  Please share what you are loving!



Sometimes it is hard to pinpoint a specific change, it can be so gradual. At some point this year I started to feel off kilter. It started to feel as though my body was operating on empty and I was pushing through a fog. It started innocently enough with back to back sickness in April, and then continued with poor food choices. I always want to believe that I can eat whatever I want without any type of consequence.

May & June are always tough months as I wrap up a school year. The days are long and busy, there are parties and celebrations, there are meetings and evenings spent reviewing data. It is a full season, and I end up eating foods I would not normally eat, or at least in quantities that I should not eat. I knew I was in trouble one morning, after I had consumed two, TWO donuts before 8 am (after eating my regular breakfast). My energy level was non-existent and I was upping my caffeine intake to compensate. I was heading to bed by 8pm, waking up by 4:30am and never feeling rested. My workouts went out the window because I just couldn't do it. I could not drag myself out of bed any earlier. 

{June Reflections}


Here we are, halfway through another year. It seems like the last six months have flown by. School is out for 8 weeks and I feel like I can finally breathe and slow down. I am enjoying my one job of being a stay at home mama.

I knew June would be a crazy month and so I purposefully did not set intimidating goals. And June was crazy. There is the push at work to finish student schedules for the fall, last minute work activities, wrapping up a school year, celebrating our nephew's graduation and of course daily living.



I have been thinking about taking a personal retreat since shortly after Elijah was born. I was so sleep deprived that all I could think about was sleep, glorious sleep. In those early days, I am sure I believed that I was never going to get to a full 8 hours of sleep again. So I told Paul that once I was not pumping anymore I wanted a night away by myself.

Eventually, sleep became more of a regular occurrence in my life. So, the idea of getting away for the sole purpose of sleeping sounded a bit crazy. But, I really liked the idea of time way. The more I started thinking about a retreat, the more I realized I wanted a time that purposeful in relaxation and refreshment.

So, in typical Charity fashion, I put together a plan, really a 4 page proposal. I wanted to have something to guide my time away.

{May Reflections}


Accountability is hard! 

{Elijah James - 15 Months}


Elijah James you are 15 months!
You are growing in leaps and bounds! Your walking has become more confident and you even enjoy running around. While you seem to like walking, you love to dance! Sometimes you turn on music by yourself using your toy jungle set. Sometimes you wave and look at the Amazon Echo and wait for us to turn on music. When dancing you will often run around, clap, and squat down. It is the best! You like it when we sing “If you’re happy and you know it” and you are even starting to get the stomping down. 



I have been carrying a weight. It has been a sensation that has settled into my chest, adjacent to my heart. I thought it was anxiety. That I have been worrying about too many things. I have worried about my role as mother and what the future holds for me as a school counselor. I have worried about my role as a wife and my role as a daughter of God. There are choices upon me and decisions to make. I worry about making the wrong decision. That I could mess something up, mess myself up, or mess up another person.