{January Reflections}


As 2015 came to a close, I wrote a post that 2016 is the year of seeking balance and self-care in my life. In order to do that I want to spend time focusing on different aspects of life (spiritual, physical, emotional, mental) each month by setting small goals. At the end of each month I will reflect on how that goal went and what goals I would like to focus on for the next month. 

{Elijah James - 11 Months}


Elijah James, you are 11 months old!

It is hard to believe that you are closing in on your 1st birthday! Mama and Papa have had so much fun with you during your 11th month of life!

{2016} Intentions - Balance - Goals


There has been a jumble of thoughts tumbling around my brain as 2015 came to an end. I have been wanting to write for a while and have put it off because I did not know how to organize my brain. Now I have come to a breaking point where I just need to write.

So, here we are.