Just as the temperatures are dropping and leaves are changing - Team O is in transition too. Life currently feels like it is moving at a crazy and hectic speed. We're holding on and trying to take it one day at a time.

I started a new job! After two years of looking and interviewing I finally have a school counseling job. I am working at the middle school level which is great. This middle school is 6th through 8th which is fascinating. A 6th grader is SO different than 8th grader! I see kids running around half my size, and kids taller than me with facial hair. Whoa!

I am a .6 counselor which means at this time I only work at the school 3 days a week. That definitely brings pros and cons. A pro is that this schedule is allowing me to transition well out of my position with the YWCA. I'll finish up there in about three weeks. I'm thankful that I can be of service, but I am also looking forward to having that time back. I will be able to use my Mondays/Fridays for research, refreshing myself on hot topics for middle school and putting time into planning the rest of this year at the school. I am thrilled! I'm also honestly overwhelmed. I've had some tough issues come through my door, and it is often scary that people think of me as a professional. But I'm in it and definitely pinch myself quite often to make sure this is still real!

Moving on to Paul. After nearly 14 years of being a professional software engineer as an individual contributor, Paul is taking a new position with his company. He will be moving into a management position where he oversees 8 people managing his companies cloud operations. His new official title is Manager Cloud Operations and Engineering. This is a major switch from what Paul has done in the past. I am so excited for him and though it will be a big challenge, I know he is up for it.

In addition to the position change, Paul is presenting next week at the Big Android BBQ. This is the first professional conference that Paul is presenting at. Much of his time the last couple of months has gone into developing his presentation.

And this is a taste of the exciting things going on with Team O.

Other fun things during September:

A visit from Paul's Aunt & Uncle.
Lots of fun dinners with friends old and new.
A trip to the State Fair with the Kaetzel Pretzels!

A Brazilian Cooking Class Date Night (thanks to my SIL)

Lots of snuggle time at the house.

My Meet Mrs. Oremland Poster that is now hanging outside my office door!

That's a wrap!

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  1. I'm catching up. :) Super congrats again to Paul! And Char, I LOVE that you made a get to know you poster, and especially that you put your middle school self up there!! Love you, friend!