{Levi - 2 Months}


Levi Daniel, you are two months old!

Levi, you continue to have a sweet and calm disposition! You typically only cry if you are hungry or cold. But mama and papa have seemed to figure out the right temperature for you and are pretty good about feeding you - so there is not much crying going on. You do have a 7pm-9pm witching hour, but even then you are not exactly fussy. You just do not want to be asleep. You love to smile and you have started "talking" to us more as you coo and babble. 

Recently you have become such an efficient eater that mama and papa were worried that you weren't eating enough. But at your two month appointment you were 13lbs, 8oz (78th percentile) and 23.8 inches long (83rd percentile) which is right inline with where you should be. Your pediatrician says that your eating is great! 

You love looking at colors and especially things with high contrast. We often find you smiling at your car seat canopy because of the fun pattern. You track mama's bright pink water bottle, and recently you were enamored with a friend's bright yellow princess dress. Your tracking isn't limited to just following things with color. When you are awake you love watching your big brother. You often smile at him, especially if he dances for you. Levi, your brother loves you so much. He will often wake up in the morning and ask about you immediately when Mama or Papa comes in the room. We hope this is the beginning of a really great bond between you two.

Levi, your sleep is getting better. Once you hit 7 weeks, Mama became more diligent about putting you in the crib for naps during the day. You have been doing really well with an eat, play, sleep schedule. You are typically awake for 45-50 minutes and then you start giving cues that you are tired. We have started laying you in your crib wide awake and you have done a great job putting yourself to sleep. Sometimes you fuss, but even then it usually only takes you 10-15 minutes to fall asleep. At night you will typically do a 4 hour stretch, a 3 hour stretch, and then a 1 to 2 hour stretch. However, just as you approached the two month mark you did two nights in a row with a 6 hour stretch of sleep which felt heavenly!

You have had a busy second month! You tag along on all of Elijah's adventures, but you have been getting play time with other babies like Beckett and Lucianna. You have also had several big doctor appointments around your vascular birthmark which have all been positive. We went to Leavenworth over the Fourth of July Holiday weekend with our friends the Baughn's and the Helmbrecht's and you loved watching all the kids run around.

During your third month of life we think you are looking forward to play dates with your friends and attending the Amazon Family picnic. 

Here are some photos from you second month of life.