Part 1: Getting Healthy


Up until a few months ago, I would have considered myself a fairly healthy person. I worked out several times a week for a healthy heart and healthy lungs. I ate pretty decent, though I definitely have a sweet tooth! Oh and I did tend to suck at portion control. I want what Paul gets (though he runs gazillions of miles each week, I run no miles each week).

So why was there a problem? Well, I was sleeping with a bottle of Maalox by the bed and I kept a bottle of Tums on the kitchen counter. Both were Always in close proximity and I used one or the other pretty much every day. I could only go to sleep when lying on my left side because it helped my tummy feel better when trying to fall asleep. What foods I did digest, I digested very slowly (aka always gassy, aka TMI).

And honestly, all of that was the norm for me. It frustrated Paul to no end, but it was just what I was used to. I just assumed that I had a "sensitive" stomach. 

This problem came to the forefront in May. Paul had been talking to several people about the Paleo lifestyle and had heard all kinds of good results happening to people who made the lifestyle change. At the end of May, Paul told me he wanted to try doing Paleo for a month.

I said Hell No. Why would I want to cut so many tasty foods out of my life? Paul persisted. I told him give me a week to think about it and look around online. See what it entailed. While exploring online I came across so many other testimonials about people who felt better after going Paleo. Interesting….

I didn’t understand the why? What was so magical about cutting out: Dairy, Grains, Legumes, and Soy? More reading entailed. A lot of the foods that are eliminated boil down to antinutrients such as phytates, biologically active lectins, and immunoreactive proteins. What? Yes science. Look it up yourself - cause I ain't no scientist.

Here is what has applied to me specifically. Lectins. Lectins damage the walls of your intestines, helping to create “leaky gut”, so that other large particles can cross the intestinal barrier, enter your blood stream and begin other immune cascades. This is basically how food sensitivities start. Something goes in and makes some holes in your gut that lets big particles of food into your blood stream. Then your immune system gets VERY overwhelmed and confused and starts attacking things at random. Gee that sounds like a party. Well, this started sounding like why I might be feeling awful.

So, I relented. I told Paul I would try it for one month.

Part 2: Paleo, What’s all the hype? (coming soon)

Absence Makes the heart Grow Fonder


Dear Bloggy Blog,

I'm sorry for neglecting you! And honestly, it is hard to believe sometimes how quickly time passes. Honestly, blogging during the first half of this year was too difficult. Team O was going through a tough season on many fronts. I didn't want to go into details on blogo-sphere land, so I just didn't write.

Anyways, Paul and I decided to change our year around. Summer 2012 was/is to be the summer of fun! And we've been pretty successful so far. September still counts as summer here in Seattle right?

Here are some highlights so far!

Kicking off Summer in NYC! 

A weekend getaway with friend in Moclips

Anniversary Celebration on Orcas Island - Hiking Mount Constitution

Being Tourists around town - Ride the Duck!

Lake Wenatchee Camping Trip