An Interview with The Gluten Minded


In June of 2012, Paul and I embarked on a crazy 30 day experiment with the Paleo Diet. We had many reasons why we were trying Paleo. The significant reason for me was trying to alleviate my constant stomach aches, heartburn, and general discomfort. You can read more about my health issues and our experiment here.

In the midst of our Paleo Experiment, I found out that I have a sensitivity to gluten. I was pretty hesitant to admit that gluten was reason behind my constant need of Maalox or Prilosec. I mean we had cut out so many types of foods during this experiment such as dairy, soy, corn, legumes, and grains to name a few. When I started feeling better during those 30 days I wanted to believe it was anything else but gluten. I tried introducing all of the foods back into my life, and no matter what I tried with gluten I immediately felt sick again. Eventually I had to relent, and out the door and cupboards went all of the gluten.

I share this, because I'd like to share a great new website with you! Our friend Becky has started an awesome blog where she interviews gluten minded people, shares recipes, resources, gluten free product reviews and talks through different health issues related to gluten. Check out her blog!

You can also find an interview that Paul and I did here.