{haves & gets}


I am stubborn and I am selfish.

I have known that I was stubborn since I was young. I have heard this from my parents, from friends, my sister, and my husband. I get it. I think stubborn can be good, and of course it can have negative implications.

I have a harder time resonating with the fact that I am selfish. I have always considered myself a fairly good person, which left little room in my mind for being selfish. It was not very far into my relationship with Paul where he told me I was being selfish. I could not believe it! There was no way he could be right, but he was. Our relationship, and then our marriage was an eye opener to my selfish ways.



The transition to motherhood has been more difficult than I had anticipated. The hardships have looked different throughout this first year. Originally I struggled because I was so tired, emotions ran wild, and breastfeeding was so incredibly difficult. I struggled being home full-time on my maternity leave and then I struggled being at work full-time. In this current season, I struggle with loneliness.

{Elijah James - 1 Year Old}


Elijah James, you are 1 Year Old!
Elijah your 12th month of life has been extraordinary! At the end of January we could see you trying to figure out if you could move from place to place without holding on to anything. You would stretch your arms out wide and very cautiously transfer between objects. On February 2nd you took a leap of faith and took your first few steps without holding onto anything. Your first steps were cautious but by the next day you were walking all over your classroom at school. After those first few cautious steps you never looked back. All you want to do is walk, walk, walk. Now it seems like you're even trying to run. Every day you get more confident with your walking. It has been amazing to see how quickly you made the change.

{February Reflections}


Well, just as I expected, February was a crazy month! I knew that with traveling and planning my son's 1st birthday I would need to keep my goals as simple as possible.