{Elijah James - 1 Year Old}


Elijah James, you are 1 Year Old!
Elijah your 12th month of life has been extraordinary! At the end of January we could see you trying to figure out if you could move from place to place without holding on to anything. You would stretch your arms out wide and very cautiously transfer between objects. On February 2nd you took a leap of faith and took your first few steps without holding onto anything. Your first steps were cautious but by the next day you were walking all over your classroom at school. After those first few cautious steps you never looked back. All you want to do is walk, walk, walk. Now it seems like you're even trying to run. Every day you get more confident with your walking. It has been amazing to see how quickly you made the change.

During your 12th month of life you also decided to start waving. You'll raise your hand in the air and wave up and down. Sometime we're not sure if you're actually waving at something or someone or just practicing the motion. Other times it seems like you are purposefully trying to say hello with your cute wave.

One other thing you started to do in your 12th month of life is to give purposeful kisses. Most of the time it takes a little prompting but occasionally you will surprise us and lean in for a kiss. You haven't quite perfected closing your mouth when you kiss so there is quite a bit of slobber and the occasional tongue in your cute little kisses. Mama especially loves your slobbery kisses!

As you have gotten closer to your birthday, you started transitioning to the Toddler 1 classroom at daycare. In your toddler classroom you have to drink out of a sippy cup (instead of a bottle), sit in a chair, and sleep on a low to the floor cot which are all things you have never really done before. Needless to say, Mama and Papa were very anxious about this transition, but you have been doing so great. You have been sleeping on a cot instead of a crib, you've been sitting on a chair at a table to eat your meals, and you have enjoyed playing outside. Your new teachers tell us that you are a natural in your classroom.

Elijah you took your first international trip this month! Crazy as it may sound, mama and papa took you on a trip to visit Germany! Our trip out involved 14 hours of flying which you did wonderfully. You slept a lot of the plane ride and played with Mama and Papa a lot. There were a few hours in the middle of the trip which involved a little screaming, but 2 hours of screaming out of 14 is not to shabby. Once in Germany we explored Munich and Berlin. You did great buddy! There were some tough times during the trip especially with you cutting 2 more teeth and dealing with jet lag, but you traveled like a trooper. You especially enjoyed having mama carry you on her back, that way you could look at the people and cars going by. When it was time for you to get a nap, you would fall asleep while mama carried you on front. Overall you did great and you got to see some amazing sites like the Berlin Wall. On the trip back to Seattle, thanks to a very nice flight attendant, we had a bulk head row all to ourselves. You had a bassinet that you could sleep in and when you were awake you had your own play area that you could walk around in. The flight from Frankfurt to Seattle was a breeze and you really are a great international traveler.

We had so much fun celebrating your 1st Birthday. So many people flew out to see you. Your Auntie Destiny, cousin Eleanor, Grandma, Pop Pop & Grandma, Poppy & Mimi, Auntie Anna & Uncle Scott and your cousins Brendan and Peyton were all in attendance. You had a wonderful birthday party a day early to share the day with your friends and family. Mama made you a blueberry cake because you love blueberry muffins. You devoured that cake! You loved carrying around dump trucks and fire trucks during your party. On your actual birthday we had a lovely family dinner at Buca di Beppo and you had your first bites of ice cream which you enjoyed. The waiters also sang Happy Birthday to you. It was a fun weekend.

During the next few months of life we think you are looking forward to celebrating with your pep friends as everyone turns one, starting swim lessons, and getting more comfortable in your new classroom.

Here are a few photos and videos from your12th month of life:
 Practicing your walk

 Off you go!
 Enjoying your new teddy bear from Pop Pop & Grandma
 Heading to Munich
 Exploring Munich

 Checking out Berlin
 Snack break!
 Berlin Wall
 Enjoying the flight home
 Sitting at the big boy table in your new classroom
 Breakfast with your cousin Eleanor!
 Snuggles with papa!
 Family Breakfast
 Birthday celebration! Enjoying a snack with Dominic

 Hanging with cousin Brendan
 Blueberry Birthday Cake

 Digging in!

 Family time with the Birthday Boy!

 Headed to your birthday dinner with Papa!

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  1. Yay for 1 year of life!! I'm loving the big transition to cot, sippy cup and table sitting. And that Lige is a good international traveler already! Love you all!!