In the midst of tension


My Friend Sarah recently wrote a great blog post about living in the tension of desiring to be a mother and not letting that desire consume you when dealing with issues of infertility. Some days I do feel consumed, mostly with confusion. Confusion as to why I have this strong desire but feel no closer to having a child then when we started trying nearly two years ago. 

Sarah's post was a great reminder to take time to dwell on the blessings I have been given and not take them for granted. Here are a few things big and small that I feel so incredibly blessed by and thankful for. I thought it would be fun to list them out as a rememberance of God's faithfulness in my life. 

This guy. 
He is amazing. He is my encourager. He reminds me to be faithful and hopeful. He is silly and fun and loving. I couldn't ask for a better husbuddy to take on lifes adventures, joys, and heartaches.

My sister-friend Destiny. 

I love that though we're 1,787 miles apart (I googled it) we continue to grow closer and strengthen our friendship. Being born to the same parents made us tolerate one another for so many years, but life has made us best friends. I'm thankful for our many back and forth emails in any given week and our phone calls. This girl gets me! 

This dog. 
I just love her. She is a ball of energy and always happy. What a mood lifter. 

For neighbors with green thumbs!

 For friends who travel the world and bring me giant chocolate bars.

For natural henna hair dyes and viewing the results in different lighting

 For book studies with women who are encouraging and real and challenge me.


  1. I love you, Char!! Thanks for always sharing from the heart! This encourages me in my own struggles.

  2. P.S. I love that first photo of you two!!!