Weekend Shenanigans: Portland


It is not too often you have a regular weekend that is so fun and relaxing you feel like it is a long weekend, especially one that requires being in the car for at least 6 hours roundtrip. Paul and I headed down to Portland to celebrate our little cousin Jackson turning 1. 

Our Portland cousins Zack & Erin are the family we get to see the most often thanks to their proximity. It has been so much fun to see them transition to a family of three and hard to believe a year has already passed since Jackson was born. 

We hit the road on Friday evening after work. About an hour into the road trip I pulled up Google Maps (so handy) and searched for Fro-Yo places. Have I mentioned Paul and I are obsessed with Fro-Yo these days? Not just any Fro-Yo but the places where you can pick all of your flavors and toppings and then pay by the pound errr ounce. At Exit 102 we pulled off for a FroYo break. Then we were back on the road for the long haul. 

Once we arrived we all sat around talking for a bit, but with the reality of a waking baby in just a few hours, we parted ways to get some sleep. Saturday morning was leisurely. Paul got up and went for a long run and I sat around drinking coffee and talking with Erin. Eventually Erin and I went for a run with 2 dogs and a baby. We were practically a parade on the streets - definitely a sight to be seen. I needed to run 2.5 miles as part of my running training plan and because I have a 5K coming up. Erin drug me all through the neighborhood streets and at the end of the run turned to me and said "Surprise! You just ran a 5k" Boy was I relieved! Those "2.5 miles" seemed really long :) Also I was relieved knowing I had my upcoming 5k in the bag. 

Saturday afternoon we packed up and took the dogs to Kelly Point Park. This park is wonderful! There is a beach area for the pups to go swimming and once they were tired we moved to a grassy area to relax and throw and occasional tennis ball or Frisbee. Once sun fatigue started to set in we made our way home. Paul and I rounded up some evening provisions (BBQ Chicken & Wine - the necessities) we went back and enjoyed dinner and just hanging out. 

Sunday morning was spent getting everything together for the Party. Jackson had a great birthday at the park down the street! There was sun, kids, and bubbles. What more could you want? The time came where Paul and I had to pack up and head back home. It was a fun and relaxing weekend in Portland with family! I didn't take a ton of pictures but I did snap a few of the pups enjoying the park and of the birthday boy! Happy 1st Birthday to Jackson!

Here are a few photo highlights!
Pups in the sun

 Tuckered out after lots of swimming!
Jackson & Charlie

 The Birthday boy taking it all in!
Paul and the birthday boy!

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