Blogging To-Do List


Topics I have on my mind:
  • 7 weeks Sugar Free (and staying strong)
  • Life without a counseling job (and where I have found my identity)
  • Life without school - exploring hobbies (old +new)
  • Finding a new church community
  • Marriage: Life after year 1
As a side note, Paul needed to set up a Twitter account to do some testing for work. And so, he set it up for our dog Charlie. You can follow her here:!/CharlieTheLab

Just something to make you smile :)
Thanks for being patient as I get back into the groove of blogging again!

Ode to July


Simply put, July was one of the best months of my life!

The first day of the month was a celebration of the marriage of two wonderful friends - Chris & Lydia! C&L had a fun photo booth set up and this was one of my favorite photos with our friends Kate & Jake.

About a week later, Paul and I ventured off to Europe together! We decided London & Paris would be a great excuse to celebrate my graduation, Paul's new job, and an early 1 year anniversary - basically any reason we could find to celebrate!

I sometimes still have a hard time believing that I was there! I have always dreamed of London & Paris, and I was not disappointed. Thankfully I took 845 pictures just in case I needed proof of our adventure!

London was a whirlwind. We stayed at a marvelous hotel, thanks to a family connection. We spent time with Paul's dear friend (and brother) Peter. Saw Wicked the musical. Walked and walked.

Paris. Paris was magical and whimsical! It was everything I hoped it would be and often times felt surreal! Paul and I ate in abundance. I drank wine like I never thought I would (practically with every meal). Pain au Chocolat was a favorite snack of mine. We frolicked through the city. Saw an old friend from college. Enjoyed each other's company. Laughed when it rained and we felt like the only tourists out. Were in awe at the churches we stood in front of. We enjoyed conversing with our waiters and learning that saying "its cool" is very French! Loved turning down "streets" only wide enough for two people walking side by side, but full of hidden treasures. Meandering through the city was a favorite.

It didn't feel like long though before we found ourselves heading back home and back to reality which had its pros and cons :) Con - reality doesn't include Paris!

I celebrated 5 years with my organization the YW by taking a new position. For the first time I have not been working in direct service with clients and have been loving it! A much needed break from what I had been doing over the years.

The last day of July, Paul had teamed up with our friend Miranda to throw me a surprise party for graduation. I have always wanted a surprise party (I love them, Paul... does not!). And I was truly shocked! I am pretty sure this is one of the few times in life that I felt so speechless! It was so much fun to celebrate the end of a LONG journey!

That Paul is one sneaky guy! I love him!
Here is a photo of us right off the Tube in London at our Hotel!

June in a nutshell


Well... I hope the suspense wasn't killing you - but I did graduate with my Master's on June 10th! Paul and my mom did a little conspiring and was ultimately surprised with my mom flying in from Alaska for the special day. Here are a couple pictures!
A shout out to Katie and Lauren for joining in on the festivities of the day!

And here we have my fabulous cohort of friends who I have spend the last 3 years growing with!

June also brought a fun get away with a group of friends to Sequim Washington where we rented a big ol house. We kayaked, ate lots of bad-for-you food, hot-tubbed, played lots of games, saw deers and seals, played on a zip line, visited hurricane ridge, and had a few delightful naps!

June was generally a month of celebrating life and friends