I have been thinking about taking a personal retreat since shortly after Elijah was born. I was so sleep deprived that all I could think about was sleep, glorious sleep. In those early days, I am sure I believed that I was never going to get to a full 8 hours of sleep again. So I told Paul that once I was not pumping anymore I wanted a night away by myself.

Eventually, sleep became more of a regular occurrence in my life. So, the idea of getting away for the sole purpose of sleeping sounded a bit crazy. But, I really liked the idea of time way. The more I started thinking about a retreat, the more I realized I wanted a time that purposeful in relaxation and refreshment.

So, in typical Charity fashion, I put together a plan, really a 4 page proposal. I wanted to have something to guide my time away.

{May Reflections}


Accountability is hard!