{May Reflections}


Accountability is hard! 

The fact that I am struggling to write this post, is proof that it is hard to put it out there when you have missed the mark on something. This last month, and even into May, my energy levels have been non-existent. I have been running on fumes. At first I had some back to back health issues, but once those cleared up I still struggled to even wake up on time in the morning let alone early enough to fit my workouts in. And at night, instead of reading I have done a bunch of vegging. When sleeping more did not help, I jumped into taking a vitamin B supplement, and drinking more coffee. No change. I have realized in the last week or so that I think my sugar intake has been out of control again and may be the root cause of my general apathy.

So, I'll be working on that in June and hope to see a change as I gear up for summer.

My goals for May were to:

Write: I had planned to write every day for the second month in a row. I even set an alarm on the phone. I eventually deleted the alarm on accident, never reset it and misplaced my journal. So, writing did not happen.

Retreat. Yes! This happened and it was so lovely. I will be writing an upcoming post. I spent two nights on my own at a Bed and Breakfast.

Workout 15 times. No workouts completed, and I am feeling it.

For June, my mini goals are:
  • Read: I plan to read 3 books this month.
  • Detox: I am going to be starting a Whole 30 in June.
  • Bible Study: With others!
  • Workout: I am setting the bar low, but I need to have a bar. I am planning to workout 5 times.

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