2013 Highs and Lows


Oh poor blog, once again I have neglected you. When I wrote my last post on transitions, I probably should have known that the energy to blog would disappear for a bit. Alas, I am back. I thought I would start the year with a couple of easy blog posts and at least start with the Paul + Charity 2013 in review.

2013 was the year of learning that I (Charity) lack control in this life, and that God is looking out for me.  A serious car accident in February help me realize that though I seek control, and I often believe I have it - it only takes a moment to see that I have only been fooling myself. That God is the only one in complete control. My little car was crushed between a van and a SVU, but amazingly I walked out with bruised shins and a hurt neck - nothing that couldn't be healed.

Then a few weeks after the car accident we learned that I would miscarry another life. I had gone into this second pregnancy believing that because I had done everything right, we would be successful at starting our family. Again the idea of control was ripped out from under me. I have no idea what God is doing in that area of life, but every day is a reminder to trust and surrender.

Paul and I did some major traveling in 2013: San Francisco, Portland, D.C., Den Haag, Amsterdam, Rome, Venice, and Barcelona (+Vegas and Texas for Paul). Where do I even start with highlighting these experiences? They were amazing and filled with joy. They allowed us to grow our relationship deeper and to interact with the world on a level we don't often get to do. I am thankful that Paul desires to see the world and that we'll keep on exploring together!

In the midst of all our traveling, 2013 was the year that friends and family came and visited us! It started with my cousin Lisa and her daughter Izzy, my sister Destiny and her husband Kevin, my bestie Raena, my mamasita, and Paul's aunt and uncle.

2013 was the year of new opportunities and challenges. Paul spoke at his first technology conference in Texas - the Big Android BBQ. Paul also received a promotion to Principal Software Engineer and then made the leap from that to a management position. And it was a good year job wise for me too! 2 years and 3 months after I graduated with my Master's degree I was finally offered a School Counseling position. I said goodbye to the YWCA after 7 years and have been loving the transition!

Other random notes: Paul ran a half marathon after entering only 7 days before the event,  he ran his 2nd 200 mile relay race (so he still loves running), we moved our new couch in through our second floor window and didn't cause any damage, we celebrated 3 years of marriage and 5 years of dating (or a faux anniversary as Paul calls it), we took our first (and second) cooking class, we started creating urban adventures (long hikes around the city), and went to Charity's first NFL game (Redskins vs. Cowboys).

The final highlight of 2013 is recognizing great friendships. We are surrounded by wonderful people in our life but very blessed to share the ups and downs with our friends the Kaetzel's. Mark + Marin challenge and encourage us as a married couple, as parents, and as friends. Over the last 20 years we (Paul has a 15 year head start on me) have been able to grow closer with them and they really are family. Plus, if you can survive B&B 2013, you're bonded for life!

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