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Here we are in March. And almost mid-March! Last week I had a kiddo in my office lamenting about how fast it felt like life was moving. It's rare to have a kid think life is going to fast. Usually they're lamenting about the slowness of life. I had to chuckle to myself, I wanted to say something about if you think it is moving fast now, wait until you're 31 almost 32. It just flies by.

Speaking of work, I transitioned into full-time at my school about a month ago. I had been hoping that a full time position would work out for next school year and then BAM there was an offer. I have to say, I am missing my Mondays & Fridays. That being said, I cannot complain, Spring Break is less than a month away.

The last few months have been confusing for Paul and me. Yet, I could not pick anyone better to ride the waves of confusion. I'm spending some time during the Lenten season to take better care of myself. That included deactivating Facebook. It's amazing how often I think to myself I don't have time to be in the Word regularly. But the crazy thing is, all those minutes on Facebook add up. Suddenly I have time to do a daily devotional, pray more frequently, and even blog. So that is where I am at.

Here are some of the highlights of our 2014.

Our PTown cousins came and visited for a weekend in January. We walked a lot, talked a lot, and played a ridiculously long game of monopoly while they were here.

I went to my 10 year college reunion (speaking of time goes by too quickly) and connected with my former adviser (and favorite professor) Dr. Smyth.

We celebrated the Seahawks winning the Superbowl. Paul was even able to make it to the freezing cold parade! I'm so glad that the year I picked to be more interested in football was the year the Seahawks won! Maybe I'm a good luck charm? Just sayin!

Paul and I were able to sneak away for a lovely Valentines Weekend. We hopped in the car, drove 20 minutes and were treated to a wonderful experience at the Woodmark. We enjoyed getting away and even took a couples painting class to try something new.
 (View from our hotel room)

(Our masterpiece!)

We enjoyed an awesome double date with our friends Angelo & Sarah. We went to dinner and then to see the a cappella group Pentatonix perform. They were amazing to see live!

During my Mid Winter Break I was able to relax and do quite a bit of reading. I also had a special day hanging with my buddy Gus. We went out to breakfast, the pet store, the dog park and then of course we had to have ice-cream! Gus & Charlie are best buds!

One of our highlights from February was being a part of our dear friend Justin's wedding. We had a lovely weekend celebrating the couple and the start of their new life together!
 (This was the practice dinner so we'd know what to do on Sunday!)

(Justin is Married!)

Another highlight in February was heading up to Suncadia for a church retreat. Paul and I were only able to hang out for a day, but we had a blast while we were there. Highlights including cramming 10 people into a Land Cruiser and sledding for the first time in YEARS! Boy did I hurt the next day. Here are a couple photos from the amazing Jenny Linquist Photography. Check out her blog while you're at it. You will fall in love with her photographs! The picture of me and Paul sledding together makes me smile every time. Shortly after that picture Paul fell off the sled and I went hurtling down the hill backwards. Good times!

 (Photo Credit: Jenny Linquist Photography)

                                                (Photo Credit: Jenny Linquist Photography)

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