{Elijah James - 11 Months}


Elijah James, you are 11 months old!

It is hard to believe that you are closing in on your 1st birthday! Mama and Papa have had so much fun with you during your 11th month of life!

Lately you have been enjoying putting toys inside of other toys. For instance you have a shape sorter box and you put all kinds of toys in there or random items. You like to see if things will fit in the box. Just the other day you learned that mama's running shoe would not fit into your box. You also like to pull out all the toys in the box, only to put them back inside. In addition to your shape sorter box you have a new push cart that you have been enjoying pushing around. It has a wood basket on it, so you like to put your toys inside the basket and walk your toys around. I also find toys inside the seat of your bouncer. You also enjoy flipping your walker over and spinning the wheels. And really, any time that you can make very loud noises, you are happy!

Everyday you seem to be closer and closer to walking. During your 11th month you have really enjoyed walking along walls more often. You are also letting go of whatever you are holding onto and standing for longer periods of time hands free. You love walking around the house with one of your walkers. As soon as you run into an object you love the sound of banging the walker into the item trying to get the walker free of the obstacle. We have to be mindful of what time of day you are doing this, because it is pretty loud!

Elijah you continue to love your daycare. Your face lights up every morning when we get there. You have your buddy Wyatt who can keep up with you. You two boys enjoy pushing each other around, crawling over each other and "borrowing" toys from each other. You are still not sleeping much at daycare, but you continue to make up for it at night or on the weekends. You fully transitioned to the food menu at school and you enjoy eating most of your meals there. Eating dinner at home has been tough because you are so tired in the evenings, you just are not as interested in food.

Your main sound these days is "dada". You think it is soooo funny when someone tries to get you to say "mama". You laugh and call out "dada".

Your 11th month was busy! You kicked off the month by going to Seabrook with our dear friends the Kaetzel's. While there we checked out the beach, went for walks, went out to dinner, and you went swimming for the first time! Also during your 11th month you went to your first Caspar Babypants concert, went for your first Saturday morning run with papa, and had your first professional haircut.

During your 12th month of life, we think you are looking forward to traveling on your first international trip to Germany and having lots of family come out to visit for your 1st birthday!

Here are a few photos and videos from your 11th month of life.

 Checking out the beach at Seabrook

 Max took such great care of you during our weekend together
 Your first time in the pool was a success!

 Playing with Wyatt at school
 Nom Nom!
 Caspar Babypants concert!
 Yogurt snack at school
Your first Saturday Morning run with papa
 Time to get a haircut!

 Out to breakfast
 Taking a walk outside

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