and THREE makes us a Family!


Get yo mind out of the gutta!

Okay... title is kind of silly - but by 3 I mean Paul + Charity + Charlie:

Charlie turned 3 almost two weeks ago! Isn't she the cutest:

She truly is part of the family! Paul has had Charlie since she was 6 or 7 weeks old... so she is his baby! And I am just a sucker for those big brown eyes!

And she is quite the cuddler!
Charlie's favorite things to do are: Watching the world go by out the window, chasing balls of any type, chasing squirrels, swimming, sniffing, and of course eating!
Nicknames include (but definitely not limited to): Char-naners, naners, bobos, bobo-see, and Char.
The three of us make a great little family!
Happy Birthday Charlie!


  1. You seriously gave me a mini-heart attack! I had my hand on the phone to call you with congratulations! ;)

  2. I'm sort of sorry ;) I've just had this blog post idea in my head for too long - I had to put it out there!

  3. Another near-heart attack here! I just about fell off my chair when I first saw the title!