Day 10 - Checking In


I feel so thankful for the emails, texts, phone calls, prayers, etc this last week! Today I actually felt human. No weird physical jitters, no headaches, no nothing!

In general, during the past week, each day has been an improvement on the last. The physical side effects have decreased significantly which is great.

Paul mentioned last night that during this last week when I was in the first few days of no medications in my body - I was in no way like myself. I cried if he looked at me oddly. Or we'd be laughing about something silly, but then in the next moment I would think the topic was hurtful and start crying out of no where.

I am very appreciative of the community that we've enjoyed this last week. On Saturday we spent the evening at our friends Mark and Marin's and had our new friends Darrick & Beckyjo join us for a fun evening of food and games (one of which was an awesome game of telephone with the little ones). On Sunday we went to lunch with people from our new church community and in the evening we did a dinner with our community from our old church.

It is a blessing to not only have a wonderful husband who has walked down this same path that I am currently treading on, but also to have such great community to share this experience with.

I am feeling very hopeful as I press forward!

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