Elijah James you are an answer to prayer!

Your papa and I had hoped and prayed for you long before we met you. You are a gift to us even though we were not deserving or always faithful in trusting that God would provide. We believe that God has entrusted you into our care.

Today we dedicated you to the Lord. We believe we cannot make the decision for you to accept Jesus as Lord of your life. You will have the opportunity as you grow older to make that decision for yourself. We promise to raise you to know who God is, that God loves you and cares for you, and has known you since before you were born. We will pray for you. We will seek grace and wisdom to carry out these responsibilities. We promise to surround you with a community of people who love you and can help guide you.

During the church service today, Pastor Bill read from Psalm 127 and Deuteronomy 6. We were reminded that we need to love God first and from that love we will teach you about God. Our community joined us in making a commitment to raise you to know God. 

Then, we had a big BBQ at home to celebrate the day! A great showing of your community came to celebrate! Papa grilled up burgers and hot dogs and we enjoyed delicious cake! It was a very special day for a very special boy! 

Here are some photos from your special day!

The Kaetzel's made it just before heading out for a camping trip!
Jannelle was able to join us!
It was so special having the Newburns join us today!
Ashton was so sweet with you!

When celebrating, you must always have cake.

The one party photo! The Guys and their babies!

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  1. We were so glad to be there today!! What a special day for you, sweet Elijah! May you know how deep & wide is the love of Christ all of your days! - Dan, Mel & Ashton