{Elijah James - 6 Months}


Elijah James you are 6 months old!

It has been an exciting month for you! You started trying out solid foods, cut two teeth, went on a trip to the Midwest with mama, started riding in your stroller, had your first hair cut, and you just keep on growing! You are back on track with your weight gain and you're quickly approaching 20 pounds!

Developmentally you have been fine tuning your skills. Now you are rolling from your back to stomach and stomach to back. You grab things with so much more precision. You continue to show an interest in getting places, but you're not quite there with crawling. You spend a lot of time working on pulling your legs underneath you, so you are definitely trying to figure out how to crawl. You also enjoy sitting, and can occasionally hold your balance for a small chunk of time. You have not figured out yet how to pull yourself to sitting. You love seeing your reflection in the mirror! If you are feeling cranky, we just take a quick trip to the mirror and can usually get a smile or two out of you. My favorite is when you accidentally stumble across your reflection, you coo sweetly at yourself when that happens.

During your sixth month of life you have been exploring food. So far you have had avocado, sweet potato, banana, carrots and you have sucked on large chunks of apple. Sweet potato and banana were by far your favorites. In fact you ate so much sweet potato one day that you actually had a pure orange diaper. When you like a food, and we are not getting it to you quick enough, you will start grunting in your high chair. It is pretty funny. We have started you mostly on purees to get you used to different flavors, but now that you are getting older we want to try Baby Led Weaning. This to let you get use to exploring and having fun with your food!

 What is this green stuff?

 Mmmm carrots!

Gobble, Gobble! A turkey eating a banana!

Just as we started you on solid foods, you first tooth came in. Mama had taken you in to see the doctor on a Friday and there was no sign of the tooth. That Saturday when Papa was feeding you he said he felt something and on Sunday when mama let you chew on her finger she felt a surprise! It was hard to believe that your first tooth was in. Your second tooth is now cutting through your gums. Teething has been tough. You're a bit more grumpy and you do not sleep as well.
Tooth #1

Speaking of sleep, that has been an interesting development. With naps, we have continued to find a rhythm. You are finally napping in your crib! This development occurred when we were in Minnesota, I had no where to nap you, so the crib just had to work! You currently nap three times a day. Your first two naps are about 2 hours after your last wake up. Your last nap is about 2.5-3 hours after your last wake up. With your overnight sleeping, you have been all over the place. When you and I were in the Midwest you mostly slept through the night, then we came home and you started waking up once at night we think because of teething and now as we approach 6 months you have been sleeping straight through the night again. I think you like to keep us on our toes! 

Elijah, you took your first trip with mama! We flew to Minnesota for a big family reunion and then we drove down to Iowa with Aunt Destiny, Uncle Kevin and your cousin Eleanor. We stayed there for a few days to help celebrate Eleanor's 1st Birthday, though you ended up sleeping almost the entire party. The trip was great! You did so well on the plane ride to and from. You made friends with everyone around us. You were even a trooper on the long car rides. It was a great chance for you to meet your Grandpa Jerry and your Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. As much fun as we had, we sure were excited to get home and see Papa!
 You were ready to fly!
 Family Photo! Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Oh My!
 Here you are with your Aunties!
 Long car ride, but you're still smiling!
 Playing with your cousin's toys!

 I think you were like 'mama, she is getting into all MY toys!"

 Mama learned how to wear you in a sling.

 Auntie's turn!

 You loved Baby Time at the Ames Library
 Goofing around at a rest stop in Iowa

Sweet goodbyes!

During your 6th month of life you had your first hair cut! Boy is this a big change for you. Your hair was long in the front and back and was always in your eyes. That could not be comfortable! So papa had been asking about cutting it for a while and mama finally relented. Part of me wished we had kept it long, but the other part of me knows it is what is best. Well, the new hair really makes your beautiful eyes stand out! It is also funny how much lighter your hair is now that it is short.

New hair cut!

You spent a lot of time with mama during your 6th month of life while. From our trip to see family, lazy days together at home, and being out and about walking the neighborhood. It was quite delightful to have that special time together. We also had the chance to go to the Seahawks Training Camp with our friends Sarah & Dominic. It was a hot day, and you guys were not so interested in watching practice, but it was a fun day for your mama! 

During the weekends we try to have as much family time as possible. We often spend our Saturdays walking around Ballard. You especially love the extra time with papa. Weekends are also when we are able to introduce you to new foods!

During your 7th month of life, we think you are looking forward to having your first sleep away without mama and papa, trying out new foods, your first camping trip, your first trip to the zoo, seeing your Grandpa Jerry, and attending your first two weddings.

Here are a few photos and videos from your sixth month of life:

 Post bath fun
 Teething and silly hair!
 Look who is ready for football season!

 Relaxing at Seahawks training camp

 Riding like a big boy in your stroller!
 You love getting close to Charlie!

When mama wants to do your photos, you like to roll!


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