Back in the Bedroom!


I promise I am not obsessed with the bedroom. Well, not completely obsessed!

First, this post needs an intro regarding marriage. Married life. Meshing two lives. It is kind of an interesting concept that no one seems to talk about. Or maybe they don't talk about the nitty gritty. What is the nitty gritty? Well - it can be an anxious time meshing lives. Well, at least for me it was the first week back after the honeymoon.

I won't lie - I cried. I cried because I felt so unsettled. We had just returned from a wonderful week in worry-free Hawaii. But in Seattle my clothes were in boxes and I had just moved to where Paul had lived for almost 3 years. I had paperwork to do and agencies to contact and unpacking to do. I felt stressed and unsettled. And I felt awful for crying when I felt pressure (my own) to be happy because how could I be sad? I just married an amazing man!

Thankfully since cry-fest 2010 I've talked to some other girlfriends who had either cried the whole way back from the honeymoon or felt stressed and angered during the transition. I didn't quite feel as alone or abnormal - the latter being the most important.

So last week, Paul and I made a list, we checked it twice and we made a plan. Suddenly the impossible To Do List became the possible.

This brings me back to the bedroom and also lets me share about how wonderful Paul is. Last week we bought a dresser and some bookshelves for the bedroom and Paul put them together. We basically put the furniture where the only empty spaces were in the room. And I didn't like it. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I think the room didn't feel balanced. I don't think Paul liked it either. He mentioned we could rearrange but that sounded like more work than was worth the effort. I wasn't sure how to express that I felt dismayed.

Paul continued to persist the idea of rearranging the room completely - and assured me how quickly it would be to change it back if we didn't like it - so we got to work. Twenty minutes later we had a bedroom. A bedroom that I love and that is ours. Not just a room I am adapting to - but a room that is now adapted to us. Every time I walk into the room I feel happy and relaxed! Sometimes I just go up and sit in the bedroom!

I love that Paul knows and works past my apathy - my willingness to just give in because the work seems too hard. I am very blessed! Now I have had my touch on every room.

Paul's house is now our home!

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