Poor Bedside Manners


It seems fitting to have the first posting of the Paul + Charity Show be about our bedroom. Don't worry - I'll keep this PG13.

Paul and I are fresh off the wedding altar - meaning about 12 days ago we got hitched. Prior to this we have avoided sharing a bed together and now... well it would be kind of odd not to be sharing a bed ;)

Here is the dilemma: In the past 28 years I have only ever slept on a twin size bed. Kind of sad in a silly sort of way I know. Growing up this was fine, and then in college I was upgraded to an extra long twin - because at 5'2" I need all the extra leg room I can get. After college I had a brief stint with a full size futon, but the relationship fizzled quickly. Then I purchased my very own twin bed.

Why a twin? It's great. Fits me like a glove. I can lay in the middle and touch both ends. You see, I am an edge sleeper. I like to be at the very edge of the bed and sometimes I hang an arm or a leg or both over the side. In a twin I can quickly roll to either side and see which one I am the most comfortable with for the night.

Enter marriage. I now have the right side of the bed. It's comfortable, don't get me wrong, but so much space. Paul and I tend to start the night sort of in the middle and then suddenly I have edged myself all the way to the edge, and I typically take the blankets with me.

Will it take me 28 years to change this habit? Hopefully not. However, It really is just one of many "adjustments" and learning curves that seem to come with marriage. Well, learning curves, here we come!

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