Reflections & Resolutions


I have neither at the moment. I am not even quite sure where 2010 even went!

Honestly, two-thirds of the year was spent just keeping my head above water. I was working full-time, in class full-time, and was completing practicum hours for my degree. On top of all this I was trying to plan a wedding. And on top of all this - experiencing life: joy, sadness, sin, heartbreak, and growth. Life moves forward.

The final half of the year has been all about... change. Change with marriage, changes with my job and responsiblities, changes in community, and changes with school.

So here I am - sitting at the airport in DC. Day 3 of a new year and not a clue of what to even do about the previous year.

At this point, I doubt I will have too much time to reflect - so like life, I guess it is time to move forward.

Resolutions for 2011?
- Pursue God's will and mission for myself and my marriage with Paul.
- Graduate, graduate, graduate!
- Find balance (not idolatry) with food and health.
- Continue to grow, expand, and challenge the type of community that surrounds me.

The how's of these resolutions (besides graduation) are fuzzy. But, at least I have a start!

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