Filling in the gaps


Where has another month gone to? I guess the Oremlands are just plugging away at life. Paul has been up to his usual gig: working hard! Earlier in January an iPad application was released that Paul worked hard on with his team.

I continue to run around without my head attached. Work, School, Internship. This quarter is tough because I have two classes and so every other Wednesday I am stuck at school until 9:30pm (5 hours of class). The great news is that I passed my big comprehensive exam, so in 4 months (from tomorrow) I will graduate with my M Ed. in School Counseling.Very exciting to say the least. Though I have schoolwork to finish... my head is in the clouds thinking about jobs and working on my placement file.

We have been enjoying great community with our Church. It has been wonderful to be apart of other peoples growth in Christ as well have people speak into our lives and marriage. Very encouraging, not always easy - but always worth it. We are also getting into the groove of being the service leads for the 9am Children's Ministry Service. It has been an amazing experience serving with Paul, it is also very challenging as it definitely forces me to rely on God's faithfulness and providence.

We are finally healthy as February rolls in. Paul and I have been battling head colds since Christmas. Crossing my fingers that our immune systems are finally up to par.

This past Monday marked 6months of being married. How did time go by so quickly? I am truly feeling more settled into our new life and am really excited to be married to Paul and to be growing together!

And in final news, our dog Charlie is pretty awesome - you can see her on YouTube!

Hopefully this post fills in the gaps of what we've been up to for the past month! I need to post some pictures... hopefully we'll take some cute ones on our Valentines Date this weekend!

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