I love birthdays! I love that my birthday is one day and then the very next is Paul's! Since Paul doesn't like to celebrate his, I just steal his thunder too. Gives me an extra long celebration!

Last year I was in no mood to celebrate. I wanted to, and I knew I should since it was my 30th. But I was heartbroken over our miscarriage and just didn't have the energy. I did have a small group over which was lovely and really the most I could muster at the time. 

This year I kept thinking I wanted an epic party to make up for last year! I wanted lots of people and a pinata. Yes, a pinata! With Europe having just happened I decided maybe trying to pull together a large party would be too difficult. Instead we opted for two smaller celebrations with good friends. It was a wonderful time. There is nothing like pulling long time and new friends together to feel the love in any room.

Here are a few highlights.

Friday night I got a few of Paul's favorites together for dinner and a movie. We had such a delightful time that I literally had to drag Paul from the restaurant over to the movie theater. For a guy who doesn't like drawing attention to himself I think he had a pretty great time. Here is the group:

James was the only one daring enough to tell the waiter it was Paul's birthday. A great big piece of ice-cream cake was brought out and James proceeded to sing "Happy Normal Day to You". It was awesome! Look at that big piece of cake and that even bigger smile. This made springing a dinner on Paul 100% worth it!
Most of us headed over to the movies to sit through a 10:30pm showing of Iron Man 3. Wow. Some of us (me) are getting a little too old for those shenanigans. The group let me take one more photo of the night. And then I started getting death looks when the camera came out.
On Friday night I hosted a group of ladies that have been in my life since moving into the college dorms in 2000 up to our current church community. I love that it blended groups from college, work, grad school, and church. It was a delightful evening of sipping wine and good conversation. I am thankful for many of these ladies who were such a support and encouragement this last year. You have challenged me and pushed me to grow. Many of you have seen me at my worst but hung in there with me. I am a better person because of these friendships. Here are a few photo highlights!

Me and my MelMel! Literally one of the first people I met in college when I barged into her room introducing myself and offering chocolate. When we sit down and start telling old stories, I laugh so hard I could cry.
 Me and Christianna - who was another person's dorm room I barged into. This time without chocolate, but she accepted my eccentrics nonetheless! I treasure the memories and laughs we have shared over the years.
Stacy, Robyn, Miranda, and Nell - you have all encouraged and supported me tremendously this past year. I love the wisdom and thoughtfulness each of you brings to our friendship. I am blessed to have you in my life!

By the end of the night, I couldn't help but be reminded how blessed I am. I have so many great and wonderful women that I share life with. I had a goal of getting a photo with everyone and I almost made it! Here are a few more shots:

Here is to another year of making memories!

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