{Forever Friends}


I feel that I can safely say friendships ebb and flow throughout life. I think the older I get, the harder this lesson is. I want to find people to invest wholly in, be invested in and know these friendships will be forever friends. I realize though that there are so many barriers to making friendships last a lifetime.

I am blessed to have a lifetime friendship with my dear friend Raena. When we met in the 5th or 6th grade I think we were what you would call "frenemies" And then somewhere in Junior high we started becoming friends. In high school our friendship was solidified through our coming to Faith together in a local youth group. In fact, all those years ago, it was a phone call from Raena inviting me to church that started this faith Journey.

In college we visited one another and wrote each other often. I still keep my container of letters from Raena. Since our early 20's, life has taken us in different, time consuming directions: grad school programs, marriage, children and life in general. We don't pick up the phone often, we email only a few times a year, and letters... well do Christmas cards count?

The cool part is that Raena and I have such a shared history and years of friendship, that it feels that we just pick up where we left off. I can be open, honest, and authentic with her.

I was super blessed earlier this month that Raena took her first vacation out of Alaska in a long time to come to Seattle with her daughter Haven. My favorite highlights were our quality conversations, laughing together, reminiscing, and of course seeing how taken Haven was with Paul.

Here are some photos from our visit!

Enjoying Kerry Park

Enjoying the 4th of July at the Zoo! 

The easiest way to get a toddler from Point A to Point B

 Sometimes a little hand holding is needed!

Happy Haven at Molly Moon's

When Charlie had to sit, Haven felt like she had to sit too! 
This included when we stopped at street corners.

A little Monkey time before we head to the airport.

Our farewell photo! 
Thank you Raena for blessing me with so many years of friendship!

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