{30 until 30}


In July, my little sister Destiny turned the big 30! I still can't believe it. Sometimes I can only picture us as gawky teenage girls sharing a room up in Alaska. My how life has changed :)

The 30th birthday is a big one if you ask me. The 20's are so tentative and ever changing, and in the 30's you're starting to solidify who you are. Dare I say become an adult?

This birthday was especially a big deal for Destiny because it was the last birthday before welcoming her first baby into the world.

I really wanted to make Destiny's 30th birthday celebration special, which is kind of hard to do when you live 1700+ miles apart. So this year, I borrowed an idea I saw done a few years ago for a friend's 30th birthday. I created a birthday advent calendar.

A what? Basically for the 30 days leading up until my sister's 30th birthday she opened up one gift a day. It was so much fun to send a box, out of the blue, filled with goodies. So what kinds of things did she get? Well my favorite was that every other day she would open up a card from a friend or family member and she had a scrapbook that she could glue her messages into. On the days that she wasn't opening a card, anything was possible. Some different gifts I sent: chocolates (of course), a yummy smelling candle, cute mug, a fun journal, my version of a BFF necklace, a lucky penny (minted in 1984), pedicure supplies (toes gotta look good when you go into the hospital), and a cute scarf to name a few.

It was so much fun to get a text from my sister each day, and so much fun to make her wonder each day what could possibly be in that box! I love that I could help her ring in her 30th while being so far away!

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