There is a Positivity challenge and a Happiness challenge going around Facebook these days, and I can't lie, it makes my heart happy. I love seeing people stop and reflect on the good in life. Even better it isn't in November :)

I've been thinking a lot about gratitude lately. Let's be honest, life is hard, doesn't always go our way, and can get tedious. It is very humbling to slow down and see what is going right.

As I write this, I'm on "baby duty" for my beautiful niece while my sister and brother in law try to eek out a little sleep before I leave town tomorrow. I am so thankful to watch over this precious life, but also thankful that my flight home was delayed to give me a few more hours. Yes, tomorrow will be a long day, but I'd rather focus on this bundle of sweet.

I am thankful for the community of women I have been blessed to grow spiritually with over the summer. It has been challenging and encouraging to meet up on Thursdays and dig into God's word together.

I am always grateful for Paul. I am encouraged and challenged by him. I love that we are a team and facing this world together. I'm grateful for celebrations, especially celebrating four years of marriage earlier this month.

I am thankful for the Kaetzel Pretzel's, our dear friends who we can talk honestly with about faith, community, church, marriage, and everything else that comes up in life.

I am so grateful for travel. That Paul and I were able to experience two new cities this year and best of all the pure quality time that comes with being together 24-7 for 10 days.

I am thankful for summer vacations, for the time to rest and slow down and tap into my lazy side.

Most of all, I am grateful for a God who is faithful even when I am not.

Gotta go, Eleanor Rose is waking up!

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