{Elijah - 2 Months}


Elijah James! You are two months old!
I can hardly believe how quickly this last month has gone by and how much you have grown. You are currently 12lbs, 12oz (61st Percentile) and 23.5 inches long (73rd Percentile).You are busting out of many of your 3 month outfits. In this last month you have made leaps and bounds as you develop. You started smiling at us. And while I can't say exactly when your smile went from being gas related to social smiling, I did catch your first big smile on camera on April 13th (6 weeks). Wow, I didn't realize how much it would melt my heart. Every smile you give brings me and your papa joy. You've started responding to our play time with smiles. We can make silly noises, tickle your tummy or your feet and get a sweet smile out of you. It is so much fun to have you interact with us!
Not only are your eyes open all the time now, you've started tracking toys and objects. Sometimes you move your whole head to follow an object and sometimes just your eyes follow. Your eyes will even follow me out of a room. You've also started producing actual tears recently. For some reason crying without tears was not as heartbreaking to me. With tears - well it makes mama want to cry.

Every day you have playtime on your activity mat. We also work on your tummy time. I continue to be amazed with your strength. You had such good neck control right out of the womb. You just hold that head of yours up and look all over the place. While on your back you like to kick around and make sweet cooing noises.

Charlie watching over tummy time!

Elijah, you have continued to be a good sleeper which has been a blessing to mama and papa. You typically give us one 4-6 hour stretch every night, and even recently slept for 7 hours! After your long stretch you do a couple 2-3 hour stretches.

This last month there were some big changes to your digestive system. There were days where you weren't having regular bowel movements and seemed really uncomfortable. I made several calls to the nurses line at your Pediatrician's office and went in and saw the doctor. Basically, it is very common for babies to have issues around this time frame. We have had to supplement you with formula and it may be the iron in the formula upsetting you. Things have gotten better and you don't seem as uncomfortable.

During this last month, mama finally figured out how to use the baby carrier that we have. You seem to enjoy being in the carrier, in fact you tend to just fall asleep once you're in. We've used it to do cooking, housework, go out to a meal, go for walks, and visit friends. The carrier has been mama's best friend!

Right around week 7 you also started to enjoy being in your swing. Well, often you fall asleep, but before you do you're staring at the mobile that moves around. 

Elijah, you and I have started getting into a better routine. I feel like I know what to expect in a day, we try to get out every day, and I have tools for when you get fussy. We are finding our groove!

You had a busy second month! Your Auntie Destiny and Cousin Eleanor came to visit for a week and your Grams came for 5 days as well. You celebrated your first Easter with your Grams. It was so wonderful having your family here. You were not old enough to play with your cousin Eleanor, but Auntie and I loved putting the two of you on a blanket and taking a lot of photos! It was so special. You also went downtown for lunch twice, we walked Greenlake with your friend Dominic and his mommy a couple of times, and you have had lots of visitors! You especially enjoyed spending a day with our friends the Kaetzels. The boys loved watching your every move and feeding you!

During your third month of life, we think you are looking forward to: your Pop Pop and Grandma visiting, starting baby massage classes, AND taking your first trip to the East Coast!

Here are some photos from your second month of life.
 Playing with your cousin Eleanor!

 Snuggles with Papa on the weekends are your favorite!

 Easter Photo Shoot

 Snuggling with Grams

 Sweet moments with your big brothers!

 All dressed up to go downtown for lunch.

Your many silly faces!

 Snuggles with Charlie

Playing around with Papa

 Goofing around with mama!

 Bath Time!

 Taking your two month photos, I had to get you in your Team O outfit!
At two months, you met sweet Amelia who was two weeks!

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