{Elijah - 3 Months}


Elijah James! You are three months old!

This last month has been a whirlwind! You have had a lot of firsts and you continue to grow in so many ways! You currently weigh 14lbs, 6oz. You are growing so quickly! You are out of your 3 months clothes and into 6 month clothes.You are so fascinated with the world around you. Once you have focused in on something, it is as if the wheels are turning in your head to figure it out. One day I took you into the bathroom to look in the mirror, but you were way more interested in staring at the lights. You seem to enjoy when I walk around the house and I hold your head and your hands over my shoulder or when I carry you facing out. You look all over the place.

You have become more chatty with us lately too, making sweet sounds. I think you may be getting close to laughing. You have one certain sound that could be the start of a laugh. You are also growing more coordinated. You have become a pro at getting your hand to your mouth. We have even caught you trying to get your whole hand into your mouth. You are also bringing all of your toys to your mouth!

You are such a smiley guy Elijah, but it is becoming harder and harder to capture those sweet smiles. As soon as the camera comes out your face goes from smiles to a furrowed brow. You look like you're really trying understand what the gadget is. So now, we're building up a collection of photos of you with a very pensive look on your face.

Mr. Pensive

One silly development is that you've started drooling. Well I'm not sure if it is a development, but it is new! You have also discovered your tongue. You enjoy sticking it out at us all the time and it looks like you're chewing on it sometimes. Good thing you are toothless!

Elijah, you continue to be a great sleeper at night. Your long sleep stretches have gone from 4-6 hours to 6-8 hours long. Mama and Papa are loving that! At around 9.5 weeks we stopped swaddling you at night. We know you will be rolling over soon and it is not safe to swaddle you when that starts happening. So one night we just just put you in a sleep sack and you seemed perfectly content. Right now your bed time routine looks the same. Your papa changes you, puts you in your sleep sack, reads you a story and sings to you while he feeds you in your rocking chair. Then he lays you down in your crib. Every night you "dance" around your crib. You silently move all around and then you finally fall asleep. There are a lot of evenings where we go and straighten you out in your crib after you have fallen asleep because you have turned yourself completely sideways. I love watching you fall asleep on the video monitor. It makes me smile every night!

Your third month of life was busy! You started the month off with getting shots. That was pretty tough. Between the shots and being constipated for a couple of days, you were pretty grumpy. Your sleep wasn't great those first few days, but it got better. 

Your Pop Pop & Grandma came and visited you all the way from Virginia! You enjoyed 5 special days with them. While they were here we celebrated you turning 9 weeks, Mama's 33 birthday, Grandma's 71st birthday and Papa's 38th birthday. It was a lovely time together. Your Grandma and Pop Pop also took you on their own several times. The first two times were so that Mama & Papa could get out of the house and even have a date night. The second time was so that mama could have an afternoon to herself.  You really enjoyed that special time with your Grandma and your Pop Pop. And mama and papa really enjoyed their first date night. 

Pop Pop loving on you! 

Playing with Grandma

A day of celebrating! 

Saying your goodbyes to Grandma & Pop Pop

During this last month we started baby massage classes. You have really seemed to enjoy the class and it is has been a special time for us. We will start the classes back up at the end of June. You have been busy making visits to friends, going to lunch downtown, going on walks with our friends Sarah & Dominic, visiting my work, and celebrating your buddy Lucas' 1st birthday. 
Looking very relaxed after massage class.

You also went on your very first trip to the East Coast! Papa needed to work a day in Baltimore and we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to visit family and friends. Your Aunt Anna threw a party at her house and you met so many people! I barely saw you most of the party as you were passed around the whole afternoon. You did great and loved the attention. You also seemed to enjoy your first two plane rides. You slept and ate through both flights.

During your fourth month of life, we think you are looking forward to starting your adventure at daycare while mama goes back to work for a few weeks. Then we'll start our summer vacation! On our itinerary: baby jam classes, story time at the library, and massage class.

Here are some photos from your third month of life:

Mama was feeling silly this morning! 

 Snuggling with Papa!

A smiley photo, which is becoming rare! 

 Playing around with Papa!

Get your hugs!

Sleeping while soaring in the clouds

Ready for your East Coast Debut!

 Papa's friends from high school and their families

 The Fellas and their boys!

Meeting the Hieber family!

 Meeting John, Kim, and Nora

 Meeting your cousin Abby and Cosette

 Your cousin Mollie

Your Poppi and Mimi 

 Your Great Uncle Ben and Great Aunt Sue, cousins, and Auntie Anna!

 Hanging with Uncle Scott (you cousin Peyton is being silly)

Auntie Anna & Cousin Peyton

 Farewell dinner with your cousin Peyton

Farewell dinner with your Great Grandma and your Pop Pop

 3 Month Photo Shoot - showing off that tongue!

 So serious...

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