{Elijah James - 10 Months}


Elijah James, you are 10 months old! 

You are growing into such a big, confident, exploratory boy. At your last check up you were 23.2lbs (93rd percentile) and 29 inches long (74th percentile). Papa and I love to watch you navigate your world. You enjoy checking out your surroundings. You stand at everything, pick up anything you can, shake items, and push them around. Sometimes you sit and turn a toy or a book over and over as if you are trying to figure out what its purpose is. You especially love hearing the sound that two objects make when they come in contact with each other. For example you like hitting blocks against each other, against the wall, or on the coffee table. 

You also have been enjoying music time with papa! Papa will play the guitar and you hold the neck of it and dance or you like to hit the drumsticks on the coffee table. At school you enjoy playing with the sensory bottles, you love shaking those bottles to hear the sounds. You also have been loving bath time, sitting and splashing has been your favorite. You continue to talk up a storm. Lately you have started stick your tongue out quite a bit. It is pretty cute!

During your 10th month of life, your balance has become more fine tuned. In addition to standing at items that you can lean on (coffee table, coolers, toys), you enjoy standing at walls, cabinets, and doors. You can also stand at different movable items like your walker, kitchen chairs and boxes. You push these items around the house, and often use them to walk from Point A to Point B. You have also started experimenting with standing while not holding onto anything. Papa thinks you will be walking in no time. 

Your 10th month started off a bit rough as you caught a case of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. You had a fever and sad red spots all over you body. After a couple of days at home with mama you were feeling so much better. You have been pretty healthy other than that. 

Elijah, you have really been enjoying solid foods this last month. Some new favorites for you are spaghetti, kidney beans, cantaloupe, watermelon, and steak. You are drinking less formula and breast milk and you have really increased your solids. You also surprised us by cutting two more teeth. You are up to 8 teeth! Four on top and four on bottom. 

As the Holiday season picked up we tried to slow things down, so your tenth month was not as hectic. In December you celebrated Christmas early with our dear friends the Kaetzels, applied for your first passport, got your first photo with Santa, you had your first Christmas with mama and papa, and went on your first swing ride at the zoo. You also enjoyed a trip to the zoo and a play date with your buddy Dominic.

During your 11th month of life we think you are looking forward to celebrating your first New Year with the Kaetzels at Seabrook. 

Here are a few photos and videos from your 10th month of life:

 Helping mama decorate

 Home sick with mama
 Playing at school

 Enjoying your oatmeal!
 Mmmmm Spaghetti
 A Very Kaetzel-Oremland Christmas!

 Visiting Santa

 First Christmas!
 Playing in your Christmas jammies
 Opening gifts with papa

 Enjoying your new shape sorter and blocks
Ready for Christmas Dinner!
 Snuggling with papa
 First swing ride at the park
 Zoo Trip

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