{April Reflections}


Wow, April got away from me and now May is picking up speed. I had such good intentions for my April Goals and other than what I read, I did not make very much progress. I am hoping that May goes a bit better, I mean it has to, it is my birthday month J

Okay, onto reflecting!

My goals for April were to:

Read 3x Books. Yep!  I achieved one goal! Here is what I read.

  • The Sellout by Paul Beatty
    This book was tough for me to get into. The storyline was wild and the writing style was not my favorite. I was about halfway through before I found my rhythm. The story kept me engaged enough that I needed to see how it ended.
  • Trim Healthy Mama by Serene Allison & Pearl Barrett
    I read a diet book. It was a long diet book, so I feel that it counts. Overall I am intrigued by the eating plan, I really did not like how informal the writing style was of the authors.
  • The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion
    I was looking forward to enjoying this story as I really liked The Rosie Project. However, I had a hard time with the plot and found myself annoyed with Rosie.

Write: I had planned to write every day. I even got off to a great start, but then slowly lost my way. I think overall I felt overwhelmed. I did not want to write in the ‘Dear Diary’ style of my teens and 20’s, so I was not sure what to write. I felt overwhelmed. Then, towards the end of the month I listened to this podcast and read this blog post. Bullet journaling is clicking with my brain. I feel as though I can easily write to the “These are the days of” topic. So I am going to set another writing goal for May!

Social Media Fast: This did not go well for me. I set an alarm at 6pm and tried to stay off of my phone in the evening when Paul and Elijah were around. But usually when I would go to bed, I would start scrolling through. And there were some nights before bed that I failed as well.

Workout 15 times. I only logged 10 workouts in April. I started the month off sick, and finished the month off with a painful earache. The earache kept me from doing very much. I did do a fitness challenge that involved a lot o’ squats! By the end of the month I did 121 squats. So I was happy about that.

 For May, my mini goals are:

  • Write: I am setting an alarm on my phone each night so I can be reminded to jot down some reflections of the day.
  • Retreat: This is already in the works, but I will be taking some time for a personal retreat.
  • Workout 15 times 

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