{June Reflections}


Here we are, halfway through another year. It seems like the last six months have flown by. School is out for 8 weeks and I feel like I can finally breathe and slow down. I am enjoying my one job of being a stay at home mama.

I knew June would be a crazy month and so I purposefully did not set intimidating goals. And June was crazy. There is the push at work to finish student schedules for the fall, last minute work activities, wrapping up a school year, celebrating our nephew's graduation and of course daily living.

My goals for June were to:

Read: I wanted to read 3 books and I did! 
  • The Ministry of Motherhood: Following Christ's Example in Reaching the Hearts of our Children by Sally Clarkson
    I loved this book! I borrowed it from the library, but I will need to buy my own copy. It is rich with truth and I wanted to underline so many pages. It gave me food for thought. I  think it is a book I will come back to over and over again.
  • The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz
    I typically love food memoirs. And I really love Paris. I did not enjoy this book as much as I thought I would. The recipes sounded interesting and Paris of course always sounds wonderful. However, the writing style was hard for me to get into. It seemed like the writing for each vignette was forced.
  • Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire SaenzI loved this book. It was a sweet story of two boys coming to terms with their friendship, families and their identities. It was heartbreaking, sweet, and hopeful. 
Detox. This is still a work in progress, but I started a Whole 30 in June. I am so happy I did this. I haven't monitored any type of measurement or numbers on the scale scale during this month, but I have seen my energy levels increase which is exactly what I had hoped for.
Bible Study. I started attending a women's Bible Study that will go through the month of July. We are working through the book of Philippians. I enjoy hearing other people's perspectives and insights.
Workout. I set the bar very low. I was hoping for 5 workouts and I achieved 4. All 4 workouts were completed this last week of June. I did not have the energy or stamina to get up before 4:30am these last couple of months of school so my fitness went on the back burner. As I have re-engaged this week, my body is telling me it did not enjoy being neglected. I am figuring out my new routine, but typically I have been waking up at 6am so I can workout, shower, and have quiet time before Elijah wakes up. 
For July, my mini goals are to:
Read: I'm going to strive for 3 books again.
Travel: I'm excited to head up to Alaska and do some exploring.
Workout: I am planning to workout 12 times.
Purge/Clean: I want to do a purge in my bedroom. Our space has become more stressful as I have had a hard time managing clothes and stuff.

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