Day 2


I don't plan to write everyday about this experiment without Facebook. But I must say I have realized in just over 24 hours away, I think in terms of Facebook. 

When I was at the Seattle Public Library yesterday, I was thinking I should take a picture from floor 9 and post it to Facebook. When I brought home a gaggle of travel books, I thought I should post about it on Facebook. And my favorite was when I was walking home from the bus stop at 5pm. It was light out!! I wanted to let everyone on Facebook know how glorious that is.

I think in terms of a clever (to me) post. I'll have to spend this month deciding if there is any more depth to me. At least Facebook allows me more words that Twitter.

Meanwhile, I have already read more in my current read (Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card) than I have in days!

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