29 Days - No Facebook


I must be crazy!! 29 days without Facebook?  I would like to think that I'm not addicted to Facebook. I mean, am I really on it that much? Sure I check it in the morning, then again on my bus ride, during a break at work, at lunch, afternoon break, bus ride home, while at home making dinner, during dinner, after dinner, again while watching an evening show, and then finally before bed. But really, isn't each time on Facebook just minutes or seconds? Is that big of a deal?

Well, Paul gets annoyed by my Facebook-ing. He'd actually LOVE it if we both either got off Facebook completely or shared an account. I can't imagine not being on Facebook, but I also don't like the idea of sharing an account. I'm not really interested in what some random person from Paul's middle school is doing.

Anyways, I think I can feel Paul's frustration building around Facebook. He doesn't mention it as often, but I sense it. So for Christmas I gave Paul a voucher for one month 'Free of Facebook' redeemable at anytime. Bless his heart, he picked February so that I would only have a 29 challenge. I love that guy.

I feel like this isn't just a 29 day challenge, but also an experiment. I wonder what life would be like again without Facebook. I mean I am going to miss knowing what people are up to. But at the same time, isn't annoying that people (myself included) generally only put the best stuff out there. So everyday people are living these amazingly interesting lives and if you're sitting at home not feeling amazing you can easily start feeling bitter. Or sometimes I feel like I should be doing more because so and so is doing more with their life. Does anyone else feel like that? Maybe it's just me. I just feel that Facebook creates a big illusion and little authenticity.

My goal during the next 29 days is to read more and enjoy people more, especially my husbuddy!

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