On The Road


In just over two months we will be on the road (err in the sky) to Europe. We have narrowed down the numerous possibilities to: Amsterdam, Rome, Venice, and Barcelona. Have you been? Any suggestions?

I have only been to Europe once now and it was magical! My dream in life was go to Paris and when we did, I fell in love. So once we started talking about talking about this next trip, all I could think was "Let's go back to Paris!". Paul had to shake some reality into me. He assures me that I will love the rest of Europe just as much as Paris. As I  started reading up and looking at pictures of the four cities - I think he is right.

On our first trip together we explored places (London & Paris) that neither of us had been to. This time it is a mix. Paul has been to Amsterdam and Rome.

So now it is time to start thinking of the ever growing To Do list, like learn Italian or learn Catalan. No big deal right?

I've also been inspired by a college friend's recent blog post about must haves when traveling internationally. Paul and are going minimalist for this trip and I am actually excited for the challenge!

Send your suggestions for places to see while we're abroad!

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