To My Husbuddy


Thank you for celebrating Valentines with me because you know I love it! There are so many reasons I love you. I thought this Valentines I would list 100 reasons why I love you. That way you never have to ask me "why?"!

Happy 5th Valentines to my love!!

I love your smile.

I love your disciplined nature, where would I be without it?

I love snuggling with you.

I love your ethic of hard work.

I love that you provide so well for us.

I love how silly you can be.

I love that you are compassionate.

I love the way you surprise me with little gifts that show you pay attention to me.

I love the way you respect me.

I love how you protect me.

I love your intelligent mind.

I love that you always keep your cool.

I love spending time with just you.

I love how you encourage me.

I love how you challenge me to be a better person.

I love your sense of humor.

I love that I get to grow old with you.

I love our nicknames for each other.

I love when you tell me how much you love me.

I love you because you never use words to hurt or tear down.

I love that you’re my best friend.

I love your heart for God and your desire to grow in your Faith.

I love how patient you are with me.

I love snuggling with you.

I love holding your hand.

I love that you are a prayer warrior.

I love that you celebrate Valentines Day with me because you know I like it.

I love your desire to travel.

I love that you have taken me to Paris! My dream!

I love that you forgive me.

I love that you’re always willing to try harder.

I love your body.

I love falling asleep with you at night.

I love that you are dependable.

I love how you make me a priority.

I love your generosity.

I love that all of your clothes come from tech conferences.

I love the sound of your deep voice.

I love your steadfastness.

I love the sweet notes/emails you write me.

I love that I am still learning new things about you.

I love how you make up your own words to songs. Jazz Sundays are my favorite.

I love your dimples.

I love your corny, old man jokes.

I love that you worry about me.

I love how you take control in stressful situations.

I love your Faith in the Lord, it is strong and beautiful.

I love how you remind me to be hopeful during tough times.

I love when you speak Persian to me.

I love how I can trust you completely.

I love taking walks with you and talking about our future.

I love how you’re just as weird as me.

I love your good ideas.

I love how you get excited about getting new t-shirts at work conferences.

I love when you beat box.

I love how sweet and patient you are with the kiddos in our life. I look forward to you being a father one day.

I love how unbelievably patient you are with me.

I love how when you’re focused on reading a book you’ll start to mouth the words as you read.

I love how you pray over me.

I love that you’re such a softy.

I love traveling with you.

I love how you love me unconditionally.

I love that we argue about who loves the other the most (I do).

I love how you buy me the sappiest cards because you know I’ll tear up.

I love how you use analogies to make things make sense!

I love that you’re an open book with me.

I love when you play the guitar for me. Or just sing songs you’ve made up for me.

I love that you love to learn. How does electricity work again?

I love your grey hairs. They make you look so distinguished.

I love how excited you get (we get) about seeing cute dogs.

I love that you introduce me to music I probably wouldn’t have found or that I thought I would enjoy.

I love that you write reminders on your hand.

I love that you tell me you love me every chance that you get.

I love how you let me experiment in the kitchen. You never mind trying my creations.

I love that you handle the finances. You’re so good at it J

I love that when we’re walking you offer me a wing. I do love chicken!

I love when you paint.

I love that you always tell the truth. Even if it isn’t always easy to hear.

I love that you still think deep down you’re a teenager.

I love visiting you at work. You’re so serious!

I love that we’re both honest about the difficulties and the joys of marriage.

I love that you are my personal space heater.

I love how excited you get about treats.

I love when you kiss my forehead.

I love being your wife.

I love that we’re both so stubborn. It makes life interesting.

I love that you were my first boyfriend.

I love how occasionally you let me stare into your eyes.

I love that you still have the certificate of appreciation I gave to you ages ago.

I love that you’re willing to train me at the gym, even though I probably swear at you several times a week.

I love listening to you sing at church.

I love your willingness to love me spontaneously (in a very planned way).

I love how affectionate you are with me.

I love watching you dance.

I love dreaming about our next adventures together.

I love when we hear the “Ho Hey” Lumineers song you grab my hand and sing the chorus to me.

I love your willingness to try new things.

I love when we accomplish things together. Team O!

I love how you hold me and comfort me when I’m sad.

I Love that I get to spend the rest of my life with YOU!




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